Request for Proposal

The UW ALACRITY Center is an incubator for new research and bold thinking in mental health. If you’re an academic who has a big idea, and you’d like to be considered for funding and support from our team, please fill out and submit a Request for Proposal (RFP).


Our diverse team and unique methodology can provide you and your team with a wealth of resources, support, experience, and expertise. From data collection tools to grant writing support, design consultation, project management, and more. The UW ALACRITY Center can support you in bringing your ideas to life.

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  1. Be proposed by a multidisciplinary team.
  2. Focus on improving implementation or usability of an existing evidence-based psychosocial intervention (EBPI).
  3. Address one or more key issues described in the RFP (clinician capacity, usability, and sustained quality).
  4. Specify a conceptual model and have hypothesized mechanism(s) that impact clinical or implementation outcomes. For NIMH guidance, go here.
  5. Use one or more phases of the DDBT model.
  6. Specify how this pilot study will inform subsequent applications for external funding (e.g. funder, funding mechanism, PIs and topic).
  7. Fall on the T2 or higher phase of the translational continuum.
  8. Have been reviewed and approved by an ALACRITY team advisor (see Appendix A).
  9. Follow formatting requirements outlined in Section III of the RFP.

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