Steering Committee
Principal Investigators

Gino Aisenberg, PhD

Associate Professor, School of Social Work

More about Dr. Aisenberg

Gino’s research centers on mental health and depression care in the Latinx community, as well as on the traumatic effects of community violence on children and adolescents. He also founded and is co-director of the Latino Center for Health — a community-engaged research center for the Latinx population that promotes physical, mental, occupational, and environmental health, as well as violence and injury prevention.

Currently, Gino is partnering with Heritage University and the Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic to train Heritage University seniors in the BSW program to deliver a depression intervention by phone. This specialized and innovative curriculum and training program is one of three ALCARITY Center projects and will test how effective an intelligent tutoring system is in building competencies among student paraprofessionals.