Stephanie Brewer, PhD, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Janine Jones, PhD, Associate Professor, College of Education Suicide is a major public health concern. Over the past year, 1 in 5 high school students have seriously considered suicide, and 1 in 13 have attempted suicide. Schools provide a uniquely suitable environment for the identification […]

Gary Hsieh, PhD, Associate Professor, Human Centered Design and Engineering Amy Bauer, MD, MS, Associate Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Depression is highly prevalent but undertreated in patients with cancer, particularly in rural populations. The overall objective of this research is to use technology to enhance depression care for patients in cancer centers by improving access to behavioral […]

Brenna Renn, PhD, Acting Assistant Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Oleg Zaslavsky, PhD, MHA, RN, Assistant Professor, Biobehavioral Nursing and Health Informatics Older adults with depression typically present to primary care rather than specialty mental health treatment and are often un- or undertreated, as the demand for mental health services is greater than the supply […]

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