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An interview hosted by the UW ALACRITY Center

The UW ALACRITY Center recently interviewed Dr. Jessica Jenness and Dr. Julie Kientz about how to use an ARC in user research.

Gary Hsieh receives Fulbright award to research and teach in Taiwan

Gary Hsieh, Co-P.I. for the ALACRITY pilot “Using Human Centered Design for Technology-Enabled Behavioral Treatment of Depression in Urban and Rural Cancer Centers” recently received a Fulbright Scholar grant. Hsieh will be a visiting professor at the 國立清華大學National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan for the 2019-2020 academic year, where he will collaborate with students and faculty on theory-driven behavior change design.

The Fulbright Program award will allow Hsieh to bridge the HCI community in Taiwan with the University of Washington HCI community, and exchange ideas that can further strengthen the growth of interdisciplinary research.

Julie Kientz receives the University of Washington College of Engineering 2019 award

Congratulations Julie Kientz, Co- P.I. of the ALACRITY pilot “Designing and Evaluating an Asynchronous Remote Communication Approach to Behavioral Activation with Clinicians and Adolescents at Risk for Depression”.

Julie received the University of Washington College of Engineering 2019 award for teaching as a HCDE Associate Professor. Pictured above at the awards ceremony with Dean Michael Bragg and Greg Miller, Vice Dean of Research & Faculty Affairs.

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