Current Projects

Building Capacity

Remote Training in Evidence-Based Practices for Clinicians Who Work with Migrant Workers

Principal Investigators: Gino Aisenberg, PhD, and Zoran Popović, PhD

This study utilizes educational software to address the limited number of clinicians in rural areas who are trained to deliver evidence-based psychosocial interventions (EBPIs).

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Improving Usability

Principal Investigator: Patricia Areán, PhD, and Carmen Gonzalez, PhD

This study addresses the complexities of psychotherapy with the goal of simplifying mental health treatments for depression in rural and primary care settings.

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Sustaining Quality

Principal Investigators: Ian Bennett, MD, PhD and Patrick Raue, PhD

This study addresses the difficulties of sustaining depression treatments via an online tool designed to help deliver quality care in clinics with limited resources.

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Funded Pilots – RO3s

Click below to learn more about National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) small-grant programs that are currently funded.

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