R01 – Redesigning Digital Clinical Decision Support Tool for Implementation of PST for Depression

Principal Investigators: Patrick Raue, Ian M. Bennett, and Sean Munson,

Redesigning a web-based clinical decision support tool for the implementation of PST for depression in Community Health Centers.

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R34 – Redesigning RUBI for Autistic Children in Educational Settings

Principal Investigators: Jill Locke and Karen Bearss

Redesigning an implementation strategy to support a behavioral skills evidence-based intervention, RUBI for Educational Settings (RUBIES), for autistic children in  schools.


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R34 – Redesigning TF-CBT to enhance impact in schools

Principal Investigators: Aaron Lyon and Denise Walker

A systematic redesign of Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) to enhance usability, engagement, appropriateness, and impact in schools.

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R03 – User-Centered Design of a Single-Module Digital Mental Health Intervention for College Students at Risk for Psychosis

Principal Investigators: Ben Buck and Jaime Snyder

Optimizing cognitive behavior therapy as a digitally-enabled brief intervention designed for youth at high risk for psychosis.

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Past Projects – R34s & R03s

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