Portfolio of Work

UWAC Videos

ARC Interview
An introduction to asynchronous remote communities (ARC).

Visual Tools – Online Collaboration
Learn how online platforms and tools can facilitate team collaboration.

Introduction to the Discover, Design, Build, and Test (DDBT) Framework
A walkthrough of ALACRITY’s design process.

User Research: Contextual Inquiries
Learn about using contextual inquiries in your research.


Tools and Tips for Facilitating User Research
Emily Friedman, MID, CPE presented on April 7, 2020

How To Do Longitudinal Remote (Mobile) Clinical Research
Dr. Pat Arean and Dr. Abhi Pratap presented on April 30, 2020.

Grant Writing

These 6 short videos give an overview of how to submit successful concept papers and research proposals focused on behavioral interventions and implementation strategies to NIH (particularly NIMH).

1- The Proposals Journey 

2- Funding Announcement and Concept Paper

3- Writing Plan 

4- Who are the Reviewers 

5- How Proposals Get Reviewed

6- Response and Resubmission