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We Are Excited to Announce a Successful Renewal of the ALACRITY Center

We’re excited to announce that our renewal application was successful and we have received funding from NIH to continue our work for the next 5 years! Together, we will work with local practitioners and stakeholders to address critical problems in implementing evidence-based psychosocial clinical interventions in non-specialty service settings (i.e., primary care clinics and schools) that are accessible to underserved communities. This funding supports four research projects that will investigate the impact of modifying clinical interventions and implementation strategies in these settings; a new round of pilot projects to address these issues while also nurturing the next generation of researchers; and ongoing support of UWAC’s Methods and Admin cores to support and further this work.

What happens now? 

Two research projects are launching in the coming weeks: (1) the Signature R01 testing a DDBT-designed decision support tool for Problem Solving Treatment in a large network of primary care clinics and (2) the first of the Center’s three R34s, which will create novel implementation strategies to support the delivery of evidence-based classroom support for students on the autism spectrum.