Funded R03s

R03 – Modification of a Parenting Intervention for Primary Care Based Delivery to Women with Perinatal Depression and Anxiety: Promoting First Relationships

Background: Women with PDA frequently experience parenting challenges which are associated with both worsening postpartum depression and negative child outcomes. These parenting factors do not respond to PDA treatments alone, and persist after remission of maternal depressive symptoms, underscoring the importance of including attention to parenting in maternal PDA treatments. By using mental health and parenting support expertise and user centered design, this study will improve usability of a parenting intervention for delivery in conjunction with Collaborative Care for PDA in primary care, with the goal of enhancing access to PFR for women with PDA. 

Methods:We will collaborate with a group of Care Managers (CM) and PFR therapists to identify PFR features to be modified for delivery within a CC framework to women with PDA in primary care. We will use a focus group format to help answer the question: What modifications are needed to adapt PFR for delivery in a primary care CC framework to women with PDA? We will then iteratively develop a PFR – Brief(PFR-B) protocol in collaboration with a Participatory Design Group (PDG) including CC team members (Primary Care Provider – PCP, Psychiatric Consultant and CM) and using feedback from 6 women receiving PFR-B in microtrials within a primary care based CC framework.  Individual interviews with patients and CMs after PFR-B sessions, alternating with PDG focus groups will help iteratively refine PFR-B leading to the development of a PFR-B protocol for testing in a future larger clinical trial.