Leadership Team
Principal Investigators

Eric Bruns, PhD

Co-Director for Faculty Development
Associate Director, SMART Center

More about Dr. Bruns

Eric’s research focuses on use of research, evaluation, and continuous quality improvement that aids youth behavioral health care in settings such as in schools, public mental health systems, and family-and youth-run organizations. His research can be summarized as falling into three categories: (1) Care coordination models for youth with the most complex behavioral health needs; (2) school mental health; and (3) public sector implementation of research-based practices. In each area, I co-direct national training and TA centers. For example the National Wraparound Implementation Center (www.nwic.org), provides support to dozens of states and localities internationally on Wraparound. The National Wraparound Initiative (www.pdx.edu) serves to mobilize our research and policy activities. With respect to school mental health, our interdisciplinary UW School Mental Health Assessment, Research, and Training (SMART) Center — www.smartcenter.uw.edu — currently has over a dozen federal grants as well as state, local, and foundation funding focused on how best to ensure that evidence for effective mental health intervention and prevention is translated into effective programming in schools.