Principal Investigators

Elizabeth Connors, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry

More about Dr. Connors

Elizabeth’s research focuses on improving equitable access to high-quality mental health promotion, prevention, early intervention and treatment services and supports in schools and other public children’s mental health settings. Currently, she is partnering with public school districts implement measurement-based care in school mental health treatment and universal trauma sensitive approaches that teachers can use to promote student resilience and wellbeing. Elizabeth also provides quality improvement consultation and training to local, state and national education and mental health systems to support mental health capacity and systems change. She is a co-founder of the Yale Measurement Based Care Collaborative and developer of The SHAPE System.

Elizabeth is serving as a Co-Investigator on the ALACRITY R34 project, “Human-Centered Redesign of Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for the Education Sector” based on her expertise as a clinician and researcher of TF-CBT in urban public schools.